Monday, December 24, 2007

Dean Cain in a new Aussie and Ted Movie

Dean Cain is in a new movie called Aussie and Ted. Currently, the movie is still in post-production, according to IMDB listing for the movie. Although Dean isn't listed there yet, he is definitely one of the main cast of this film.

Aussie and Ted

Plot Outline: Aussie, a lovable Australian mutt, embarks on a mission to return his young owner's missing Teddy Bear.

Story: From an old San Francisco house, the BROOKS FAMILY struggles to make ends meet. Times are tough for MICHAEL BROOKS (Dean Cain), his wife AMELIA (Kirstin Eggers), and their children-- eleven year old ERIC (Leo Howard) and his six year old sister LANEY (Alyssa Shafer). The kids try not to complain about the fact that they have to eat macaroni and cheese every night. At the moment, it’s all their parents can afford.

Laney’s best friend is the small family dog AUSSIE, a stray that Michael brought home from a trip to Australia. Laney and Aussie have a unique bond of friendship. They do absolutely everything together…that is, until the day Michael brings home a very special gift for his daughter. Read the rest here.

Also, more info and pictures of Dean here at the Official Website here.

source: layne (from Zoomway's L&C board) | Aussie and Ted's Official Website | Allysa-Shafer Online

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