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Smallville Magazine #23: Erica Durance Unleashed!

Erica Durance & Tom Welling on the cover of the Official Smallville Magazine's previous October issue #23 (along with the 2nd cover with Laura Vandervoort on the cover) plus an excerpt from issue #23's exclusive interview with Erica Durance (Lois Lane!)

See the covers: Tom & Erica (Regular Cover) ... click the image below to enlarge:

Laura Vandervoort/Supergirl (Diamond Distributors Exclusive)

Smallville Magazine Issue #23 (available now!)

Titan Magazines has provided information on the October issue of the Official Smallville Magazine. Here was the blurb:

Who’s that girl? Everybody’s talking about her, and why wouldn’t they be? Actress Laura Vandervoort has swept into the public eye recently with her new role as Clark’s cousin, Kara, AKA the future Supergirl! We bring you the complete guide to her new TV character. Also heading up this issue we have an exclusive interview with Erica Durance - always in the midst of the on-screen action, she talks us through the fights, the feuds, and what she looks for in a love interest. We have some great off camera interviews too; Smallville co-creator Miles Millar tells us what to expect from season seven and director extraordinaire James Marshall discusses his favorite episodes. Plus we piece together season six in the second part of our episode guide, analyze Clark Kent in our ‘Before and After’ feature and ask for your vote in our readers poll.

Issue #23 of The Official Smallville Magazine hits newsstands last October 16, though some comic book specialty shops and subscribers have already received their copies early. The magazine also shared with us an excerpt from the issue, featuring an interview with Erica Durance (Lois). You can find it below.

Lane in the Fast Life


Erica Durance is back from a very crazy weekend. It isn’t the Phantom Zoners or some rampaging meteor freak that has her worn out, but San Diego Comic-Con, where almost 160,000 enthusiastic attendees piled in to get the lowdown on their favorite TV shows, films, and comic books. Part of that experience was a Smallville panel where Durance was reminded that – after three seasons – her version of Lois Lane has been wholeheartedly embraced by fans and has become an integral part of the show’s mythology.

"Looking back right now, I am a little shocked,” she says. “I spent so much time just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other! “It’s been this nice steady job for the last three years, going into my fourth. And it started off as only four episodes. I’m all about living in the present, so I was just trying to do the best I could with what was in front of me. But you go to Comic-Con and everyone is so positive and excited. The energy around it is amazing, so no complaints here.

Last time Smallville Magazine sat down with Durance, Lois Lane had become smitten with Graham Garrett. Seemingly a nice enough guy, he turned out to be a hitman with the power to become invisible. What’s more, he was just the latest psycho on Lois’s unfortunate dating scorecard. So does Durance find Lois’s taste in men somewhat frustrating?

“My big thing as an actress is that when you are introduced to a possible love interest, you want it to have some kind of body,” she says. “You want it to have a nice little arc, so playing with someone who is just attractive isn’t as fulfilling as if you have a character who is actually interesting. “It’s kind of fun to build that and discover it. It’s not like you see the person and all of a sudden you are throwing yourself at them. That is not my idea of going about it. Even this year they are talking about a possible relationship between the new editor of the Daily Planet and Lois.

“So, with Grant [the new editor of the Planet], here is somebody really intelligent who banters with her, makes her think, and challenges her. He’s successful, and in a field that Lois wants to get into very badly, so there are all those other levels to play. It’s more realistic.” Arguably however, Lois had already struck gold with playboy millionaire Oliver Queen – except that his Green Arrow secret identity, and her resolve to unmask him, put undue strain on their romance...

Read the full interview in Issue 23 of The Official Smallville Magazine – available now. For more information visit
Titan Magazine/Smallville.

source: Kryptonsite |
Titan Magazine/Smallville

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