Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Cloismas!

On behalf of fd2c staff and Lane & Kent News, I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry [Clois] Christmas and a safe, healthy, and super Happy New Year 2008!

Here are a few holiday videos for ya'll to enjoy while you browse and read this entry (and previous other news entries/articles posted here):

Clois Christmas Videos:

Smallville ...

Video Description: All I Want For Christmas Is You (song written and performed by Mariah Carey) - A Smallville Clois Chrismas Video made by Liza of fd2c forum. This video was a winner of fd2c's first Clois Music Video Contest (challenge #1: Clois Christmas Videos 2006).

Lois & Clark ...

Video Description: Where Are You Christmas?
A Lois & Clark Christmas video (song performed by Faith Hill ; co-written by Mariah Carey for the Grinch soundtrack) made by Louise (aka loislane of fd2c forum).

Superman Returns ...

Video Description: My Grown Up Christmas List (short) - A Superman Returns Christmas video. Song by Kelly Clarkson. Made by scoobiecookies (aka scruffy of fd2c forum).

Plus a bonus Clois holiday video:

Clois Multi-Verse: Smallville/Lois & Clark/Superman Returns ...

Video Description: Deck The Halls (song performed by Aly & AJ), A multi-verse Clois Christmas Video made by Louise.


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