Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch: first trailer for 'The Cold Light of Day' starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis

Check out and watch the first trailer for 's new film, The Cold Light of Day, an action thriller film which he co-stars with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. It will be released in theaters April 6, 2012.

Here’s the synopsis for Cold Light of Day (via Collider):
When Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) arrives in Spain for a week long sailing vacation with his family, the stressed young business man is not in a holiday mood. His startup company just went under and his tense relationship with his disciplinarian father Martin (Bruce Willis) only makes matters worse. But when the family is kidnapped by what turns out to be intelligence agents hell-bent on recovering a mysterious suitcase, Will suddenly finds himself on the run. His whole world turns upside down when Martin reappears, revealing he is an undercover agent tangled in an intergovernmental web of lies and secrets. Read full synopsis here!
 Watch the trailer below (via Yahoo! Movies)...

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