Sunday, April 3, 2011

Videos: Henry Cavill talks 'Superman' and co-star Amy Adams at WonderCon

New Clark Kent/Superman actor  was at the 2011 WonderCon this weekend (Saturday, April 2nd), where he was scheduled to present footage from his upcoming Greek hero pic Immortals. He did some interviews talking about his new Superman role and his co-star , who will be playing his leading lady, Lois Lane in the new Superman film!

Check out Henry Cavill interviews galore below!

First, Movieline caught up with Henry and he talked being Superman...

Henry Cavill Talks Superman Training, Best Abs Contests And Geeking Out Over The Costume
The next step will be donning that iconic Superman costume, which is still being designed. “There have been some concept costume fittings,” said Cavill. “I’m so excited - it’s fantastic. Really, really fantastic. Sometimes… I mean, I’m sitting here talking to you about being Superman, for example. And then it dawns on me and I go, ‘Oh my God, I’m Superman!’ It’s really exciting and an incredible opportunity, so as soon as I’m jumping into the costume and stuff it starts to become real.” 

“As soon as you don the cape and the S shield, it’s one of those things where you go, ‘Wow - this is real.’”
Watch HC's new interviews from MTV News and Hitfix below...


WonderCon Interview: Henry Cavill Praises the SUPERMAN Movie Cast; Hasn't Worn the Final Suit Yet
"I really can't wait for it! Such a great opportunity to play such an iconic role.. I feel very lucky. It's fantastic, absolutely amazing. She's a great actress, but all the actors there are just.. wow, I'm overwhelmed. The opportunity for an actor of my experience, you know only ten years, to be a part of that cast and to be leading it is fantastic. And I really, really can't wait to be shaking hands and discussing the project with them all. "I haven't worn the actual film suit yet.. no, not yet. The [costume] team is still working on it. I've done fittings.. and from what I've heard it's coming together wonderfully. It'll be fresh and new but immediately recognizable."

Plus more side-by-side photos of our new Lois & Clark...Amy & Henry! The more I see their photos next to each other, the more I'm starting to see them as L&C. Can't wait to see them in their actual promo photos together as their L&C characters!

Lois & Clark

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