Saturday, July 4, 2009

Smallville S8 DVD Update: New Blu-ray DVD Bonus Cover art

TV Shows on DVD reported that Warner Bros. recently released a new revised artwork for the Blu-ray version of Smallville's Season 8 DVD release, which was different artwork from the art already used for the standard Blu-ray DVD.

While the artwork does not feature Tom & Erica or any of the other series cast, it shows a nice image of the "Metropolis cityscape." Still, personally, I prefer the original TW & ED inside the DP cover over it, but that's just me (and the Clois/TW/ED fan in me, lol), of course.

TV Shows on DVD has uncovered more information of the new revised dvd cover art for the Blu-ray version with the "Metropolis cityscape." (scroll down and see the artwork below!) It will, indeed be released with that cover art as a "store exclusive" limited for a certain retail outlet (probably Best Buy?). As originally shown (as see dvd artwork again to your left), the regular retail release for both standard DVD and Blu-ray will still feature Tom Welling & Erica Durance (inside the Daily Planet). So, no worries for us, Clois fans who were already digging the original covers with TW & ED.

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Smallville - Season 8 Blu-ray Bonus DVD cover

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[source: TV Shows on DVD]

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