Monday, July 27, 2009

SDCC '09 Smallville Panel Videos and more Photos

Several videos from the Smallville panel at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con have now emerged on YouTube.

The first one below captures the cast talking about their audition process and how they each won their role on the Smallville series.

Smallville @ SDCC09: Auditions

[source: BabyBlueSteel]

Another video was about the panel members discussing whether Lex Luthor is really dead and Tom reveals he'll be directing two episodes in Season 9.

Also, watch a Smallville Season 9 - Comic Con Best Quality Trailer...

Plus more Tom Welling & Erica Durance Comic-Con Photos ...

[click all images below to enlarge!]

HQ ED Comic-Con pics...

[source: credit and thanks to Erika @ OSCK for these HQ ED pics!]

More TW Comic-Con pics...

[source: photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
| BuddyTV Smallville | Devoted to Smallville]

Even more TW pics here: Tom Welling Makes Comic-Con Crazy Crazy Crazy as well as TW/ED/Smallville pics from Comic-Con '09 here ...and a Smallville Super Suit (from a flyer being handed out at comic-con).

Update 8.11.09 ...

More SDCC Video Interviews below:

The CW has posted a 2-part video containing highlights from the San Diego Comic-Con "Smallville" Panel.

[source: CWtelevision]

[source: CWtelevision]

Erica Durance Interview


And another Erica Comic-Con Interview

Erica Durance Interview ( - Comic Con 2009 from Daemons Media on Vimeo.

[source: Daemonstv]

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