Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Smallville Tonight! Episode 8.17 - Hex

New Smallville Episode Tonight!

It's Thursday and we're now on the 17th episode of Season 8! Be sure to catch tonight's new Episode 8.17 - Hex, which airs @ 8 PM ET/7 PM PT on the CW Network.

After a week of being MIA, Lois Lane is back in this episode!

The CW's Official Description for Hex...

"At Chloe's (Allison Mack) birthday party, a mysterious magician named Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan) grants Chloe's wish to be more like Lois (Erica Durance) and switches the two into each other's bodies. Zatanna searches for her father's book of spells so she can conjure up his spirit but not before also granting Clark (Tom Welling) his deepest wish."

"Hex" was written by Bryan Q. Miller and was directed by Mairzee Almas.

Meanwhile, TV Guide has the following description for this same episode...

The magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) comes to town and grants Chloe's birthday wish to be more like Lois, resulting in the two switching bodies. She also grants Clark his deepest wish.

Here are Episode Promo Stills...

View more Hex promo stills @ Superman Homepage's SV Gallery!

Watch the trailer below:

and has posted an exclusive clip, in which "Chlois" - aka Erica Durance channeling Allison Mack, nervous lower-lip bites and all - beseeches Zatanna to use her "hex appeal" to undo what's been done!

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[source: superman61290 (hex trailer) | hex photos copyright - The CW Television Network and Warner Bros. Television Production, Inc. (hex promo stills]

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