Saturday, December 13, 2008

Video Interviews and Photos: Dean Cain 'Eyes on Kenya'

As previously posted here (Dean Cain films a documentary in Nairobi) last August, Dean Cain filmed a documentary with children at the Abandoned Babies Centre in Dagoretti, Nairobi. He was in the country to shoot a primetime network television special documentary titled "Eye on Kenya'' in association with Feed the Children that will look at the wonders of Kenya through the eyes of celebrities as they visit the country.

Now, has the following slide show photos of the documentary that Dean did including 2 photos of him. Check out the slide show here...

Dean Cain: 'Eyes on Kenya'
  • Story Highlights
  • Actor Dean Cain visited families devastated by the AIDS crisis in Africa
  • Cain calls the children he met "incredible," and "full of promise"
  • Cain filmed the documentary "Eyes on Kenya"

or check out DC pics below:

[click images to enlarge!]

[source: photos courtesy of Dean Cain |]

Then, there's a video interview of Dean Cain, TV's Superman, stars in EYES ON KENYA, a MyNetworkTV documentary about the beauty of Kenya. He talks with TV Watercooler about the trip he made with a host of other celebrities, and, his new Western for the Hallmark Channel.

Watch it via YouTube below (courtesy of tvguide):

[source: tvguide]


I've made some screen caps of Dean's TVWatercooler interview below!

[click images to enlarge!]

View all 15 screen caps here.

Also, there were 3 separate video interviews that Dean did recently about his trip to Kenya.

Click on the following links below to watch them!

Dean Cain EXTRA African Journey
Dean Cain has 'Eyes on Kenya'
Web Extra: Dean Cain

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