Friday, October 3, 2008

Video Interview: Erica Durance on The Bonnie Hunt Show

As previously posted here, Erica Durance made a guest appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show today (See a picture of Erica and Bonnie from the show to your left. Click image to enlarge! photo Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show)

She was on briefly, but her short interview was really nice and funny.
Bonnie joked to Erica that she (Erica) would be her "daughter-in-law" because of her (Bonnie) role as Tom Welling's "mother" in Cheaper By The Dozen (1 & 2) movies, lol. Erica talked about growing up in a Turkey Farm in Canada and how she just filmed an episode of Smallville where they had a lot of birds and she froze, haha!

Check out a preview of Erica's interview via YouTube video below:

In other Erica Durance interview, check out the following link and read:

- Aced Magazine: Erica Durance Interview

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