Saturday, October 4, 2008

Movie Update: Brandon Routh's cameo appearance in Kambakht Ishq

According to a new article [Akshay teaches ‘Superman’ to fly] from the Times of India, Brandon Routh's previously reported cameo appearance in a Bollywood film titled, Kambhaqt Ishq (which was first posted here previously 4 months ago and updated a month later when Brandon Routh shoots Bollywood film cameo appearance) just finished shooting an extensive action sequence in the film with the Singh Is Kingg star. A source from the sets revealed, “They had to jump off a tall building together. It was frighteningly dangerous, but the timing was perfect between them.”

Akshay being the action king of Bollywood, declined a duplicate for this death-defying stunt. Stunned by Akshay’s daredevilry, Brandon also insisted on doing the scene himself. “Brandon was impressed by Akshay and surprised to know that Bollywood stars often perform their own stunts,” said the source. Singh and Superman then exchanged tips on fitness and martial arts. Debutant director Sabir Khan was delighted to have two good-looking stars in one frame. “They’re like Greek Gods,” he was heard saying.

See [and click below to enlarge] a new picture of...

Brandon Routh and Akshay Kumar
(on the set
of Kambakht Ishq)

[source: photo by TOI]

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Kambhaqt Ishq is currently still filming and is set for a December 5th theatrical release in India.

Update (10/6/08):

Here's another BR photo from the set, this time just Brandon...

From this article: Akshay to be seen with 'Superman' Brandon Routh

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