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Lois & Clark's 12th Wedding Anniversary!

This week marks the 12th wedding anniversary for both the 90s' series: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures and the Comics. Yesterday, October 6th, was the actual date of the wedding anniversary for both Clois versions. Though Lois & Clark has been together for 70 years in the comics, in Lois & Clark (as well as in the Comics), they've been married for 12 years!

Personally, this show for me, has made me a huge Lois & Clark fan (not just with this version, but all versions)...I wouldn't have been watching Smallville, seen all Superman movies, Superman Returns, and Superman: The Animated Series and other Superman related media...if it weren't for this amazing show and
Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher's superb portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman & Lois Lane. These two had undeniable on-screen chemistry as Lois & Clark and they sizzled whenever they were on-screen together. In my opinion, Dean & Teri were and still are the best Lois & Clark version I've seen on-screen. Followed in a very close second by Smallville's Clois.

Anyway, for fans of the 90s series show, Lois & Clark, It was in Episode 3 in Season 4, when Lois & Clark finally tied the knot.
Lois & Clark: The Wedding Proposal
Before getting hitch, in Lois & Clark show, Clark Kent proposed to Lois Lane in Season 2's cliffhanger episode, 2.22 - And The Answer Is....

In Centennial Park, Lois and Clark are walking, and, as it begins to rain, Clark gets down on one knee and proposes.

Lane said "yes" to Clark Kent's proposal on the Season 3 premiere episode, 3.01 - We Have A Lot To Talk About.

"We Have A Lot To Talk About" Stills

[source: l&c caps by louise from fd2c forum]

Watch the Proposal scene below:

[source: othdarkangel]

and Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher
on the Proposal on Lois & Clark

[source: MsCandycorn | loisandclarkarchive.com]

Here's some info from their beautiful wedding episode...

Season 4, Episode 3: "Swear To God, This Time We're Not Kidding"

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: Michael Lange
Original airdate: October 6, 1996
Guest stars: Delta Burke as Myrtle Beech; Charles Fleischer as Dr.
Voyle Grumman;
Beverly Garland as Ellen Lane; Harve Presnell as Sam
Lane; Ray Buktenica as Leo Nunk; David Doyle as Mike; Leann
Hunley as Emily Channing; Billy "Sly" Williams as Lamont; Jerry Giles
as the head paramedic; David Lewman as the messenger.

Episode Highlight:

Lois and Clark, with the helpof Mike, a guardian angel, finally get married on a mountain top with their friends and family looking on. And, once the ceremony is over, they plan to head to Hawaii.

Memorable lines:

Clark: Honey, *we* are getting married because our bein' together is bigger than anything that has ever been. It's destiny.

Mike: But, after everything that's happened, I think you guys have learned something. Love survives. Survives any joy, any sorrow, all the rights, all the wrongs, even life and death. But, then, you both know that already. Just like you know now that now you have finally arrived at the perfect time and the perfect place.

L&C Wedding stills/Caps

[source: l&c caps by louise from fd2c forum]

Watch the L&C Wedding Scene below:

[source: sherban1988]

Lois & Clark's Wedding Vows:
Clark: "Lois, I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I love your humor, your passion, the way you just dive right in, even when you shouldn't. Because you refuse to just watch the world. You demand that it be a better place, and, because of you, it is. And, today, I want to give you as much of the world as I can. So, I give you my heart, my soul, our future. "

Lois: "Clark, you're my best friend. Until I met you, I never had a best friend. And falling in love with you has been so easy, I don't know why I fought it so long. You have such gentle grace and such quiet strength and mostly such incredible kindness. I've never known anyone with as pure a heart, and, so, today, I give you my love, and my honor and our life together ."
Clark: "Lois, I have loved you from the beginning."
Lois: "And I'll love you til the end."
Clark: "In my heart, I am your husband."
Lois: "And I'm your wife ."
Clark: "Always."
Mike: Lois and Clark, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Martha (mouthing the words): Finally.

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Lois & Clark Photo Gallery

[Click the image to view the gallery]


Lois & Clark in the Comics:

Here are a few interesting Lois & Clark tidbits... info taken from Superman Homepage:

Check out the Comics scan images of Lois & Clark/Superman's wedding!

Click images to enlarge!

Lois & Clark in the Comics

Did You Know?
- Also, 18 years ago this month, back in October 23, 1990: Clark Kent proposes to Lois Lane in Superman #50 (Comics).
- In 1996,
In Action Comics #720 Lois Lane breaks off her engagement with Clark Kent.
- Later in 1996, After becoming engaged again to Lois in Superman #118, Clark and Lois are married in the special one-shot Superman: The Wedding Album featuring numerous artists and writers.

For more L&C info in the Comics check out Superman Homepage's Superman Comic Book History and Comics sections or Superman on Wikipedia ...

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