Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dean Cain on Larry King Live Monday 10/13

As previously posted here, Dean Cain supports Republican Presidential Nominee, Sen. John McCain and Larry King mentioned from his Friday night show that Dean Cain will be on Larry King Live Monday, October 13th. I don't know if he'll be in the studio with Larry King for an interview of him supporting John McCain or not (we shall see when the show airs come Monday night), but here's what Larry King show's website posted for Monday:

Sheryl Crow and Dean Cain! She's singing the praises of Barack Obama! He thinks John McCain's the man of steel! The stars stump for their candidates on Larry.

Go to Larry King Live's website to:

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Update 10/12/08:

From TV-Now Listing...

Here's the schedule air dates/times for DC's Larry King Live appearance:

Monday - 10/13 - 9 PM
Tuesday - 10/14 - 12 AM

Tuesday - 10/14 - 3 AM

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