Friday, September 5, 2008

Photos: Dana Delany @ Stand Up 2 Cancer Telethon

Dana Delany (along with Kate Bosworth) answered viewers calls earlier tonight as they joined together for Stand Up To Cancer Live broadcast telethon with over 50 (see a long list of celebs here) of the most renowned personalities in TV, film, sports and music who came together to make history to raise money for cancer.

Dana was featured with a segment of her getting a mammogram.

Dana's small pic (to your right) and other famous celebs @ wire image featured in tonight's SU2C special live telethon. Also, check out Dana's arrival pictures @ Kodak Theater (in Hollywood, CA) here.

And another picture of Dana with
Disney/ABC executive Anne Sweeney:

[click image to enlarge!]

[photo credit: Reuters Pictures]

Actress Dana Delany (R) and Disney/ABC executive Anne Sweeney arrive at the Stand Up To Cancer broadcast event in Hollywood September 5, 2008. The three US television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC are broadcasting a TV special featuring celebrities to raise funds for cancer research.

Updated 9/25/08:

Check out more Dana Delany HQ photos from SU2C telethon below!

[click images to enlarge!]

SU2C Red Carpet Arrival

LIVE On Stage - SU2C Telethon

( View several more Here! )

[Credit & thanks to Dana Delany @ LJ for all the additional SU2C photos of DD].

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