Sunday, June 15, 2008

Erica Durance in a short film 'The Bridge'

Just saw the short film (that Abby posted over @ DTED ), which Erica Durance did back in 2004 and before she joined Smallville. It was a very good short film...made me wish it was longer.

starred in a short film called "The Bridge" along side BSG star and Smallville guest star Aaron Douglas.

Here's is the info on Erica's role in it:

Erica plays Aaron’s wife in the short film "The Bridge." Douglas is a bored office worker who decides after 9/11 he wants to become a fireman. He meets resistance at home from his wife (Durance) who is worried about something happening to him and leaving her and their baby. The film has to do with a man fighting the odds against him and embracing his inner hero.

Available to view online it was sponsored by the Japanese beer Asahi and streams nicely at either 500 bps or 1mps.

Click Here for more details. Along with some screen caps.

Also click here to watch it.

Before watching it though, if you happen to have a problem viewing it, follow the instructions below:

Instructions on working with the link
-When you first click the above link, a box will come up with two buttons: Download and cancel. Click the cancel button to watch it now
-Once you click cancel Let the ads load. Until a bucket of popcorn and two beer cans come up.
-Once its finally loaded, click on the red button that says "The Bridge"
-After you do so a menu comes up which has two red play buttons come up. Whatever speed you want you click that play button.
-Then sit back, put your headphones on, and enjoy.

[Source: Kate @ DI and special thanks to Abby over @ DTED for the link and movie info. as well as for the instructions (posted here ^) on how to watch it].

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