Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tom Welling @ 2008 MET Costume Gala

New Tom Welling pictures! He was recently in attendance at the Superheroes Fashion and Fantasy Night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institue Gala in New York City on Monday night. This huge star studded event was hosted by George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Georgio Armani and included some favorite superheroes in Heroes universe as well.

Besides Tom, another Superman star, Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) was also in attendance at the MET Costume Gala as previously posted here. Tom Welling and Kate Bosworth (aka Clark Kent of SV and Lois Lane of SR) both represented the Superman franchise in style. It would've been nice if they meet and had a photo op together 'cause it would've been another super awesome Cross Clois photo moment (much like when Brandon Routh met Teri Hatcher and they presented together at the 2006 Golden Globe Awards), lol.

Anyways, here are some super gorgeous photos of TW from the MET Costume Gala event.

Click each HQ images below to enlarge!

Tom Welling, in Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

(tw images source: Profusion 123 | and the last TW photo credit to Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene for

Also, according to an E! Online report,
Tom was one of the VIP Guests attendees at George Clooney's 47th Birthday Bash.

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