Friday, May 16, 2008

Sleeping With The Lion Update

Last time I posted on this, was 2 months ago and Erica Durance was still currently in talks to star in the upcoming Prodigy Entertaiment thriller film, Sleeping With The Lion (2009). Since it's been quiet and slow lately with the news regarding the status of this film and the production site, for it still hasn't updated the project status nor the cast and crew list. It made me wonder if Erica was still involved with this project. So, once again, I contacted the production company, Prodigy Entertaiment for any information on Erica's involvement and current status in this project, if she's still attached or in talks to do this film. Here's the information I received so far:

"I know it seems like things are moving slowly, but this is the nature of the business.
However I can tell you that talks with Erica are moving forward, and are promising."

Sounds like Erica is closer or perhaps now in the final talks and will eventually be doing this film, but right now it's still not officially announced nor confirmed (as of yet) that she is other than she's still currently in talks. So, we'll just have to wait and see when this film announces more cast or when it is ready to go on production. Hopefully, Erica will be announced and confirmed to be in this film soon. Keep checking the Sleeping With The Lion site for updates and project status. I'll continue to update here too if I hear more news about this and Erica's involvement of this film.


Jackson said...

Good to know. But what about her movie Ecstasy? That seems to be taking forever. I remember reading some interview with Erica @ MegaCon that it was on hiatus or something. Anyone care to update me? :D

Jeane said...

Thanks for the comment Jackson and for visiting this blog.

As for your question...I would've post something about Ecstasy here, but unfortunately, there's no news on Ecstasy's status or if Erica's still attached to it. She did mention it at MegaCon when I met her, but she wouldn't really say except that it's on the shelf but it's something she can still do, if it ever happens. She does have Sleeping With The Lion project at least that she's still in talks and perhaps 2 more that she's also working on, but didn't say what they were. She didn't want to jinxed them, lol.

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