Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kate Bosworth on Harper's Bazaar Magazine Cover has new images of Kate Bosworth's Australian Harper's Bazaar Magazine cover.

Kate Bosworth looks fashionably fabulous in the latest issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar. The actress has a lot going for her right now: Adorable boyfriend? Check. Recent hit movie? Check. Style icon status? Check. However, Kate doesn't let this all go to her head. She opened up to Harper's about preserving her childhood, James Rosseau, and how she stays so grounded.

Here are highlights:

  • On her career during high school: "I didn't want to be the 'child actress.' Some strange little part of me knew I had to go through those challenging teenage years and not be interrupted by Hollywood. I shot a few things over summer holidays like [TV series] Young Americans and Remember the Titans, but I wanted to take the time to study."
  • On how she stays grounded: "Once you go through the experience of being dragged through the mud, you don't ever give a sh*t ever again. Being a public figure there's always this fear. 'Do they like me?' It's a high school thing. My tips are: 1. Don't read anything [written about you] — it's all full of sh*t. 2. Have good people around you. 3. Laugh."

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