Friday, March 21, 2008

Tom Welling To Direct Smallville's 150th Episode

In Entertainment Weekly Magazine (March 28th, 2008 issue), Spring TV Preview: The Scoop on 26 Returning Shows, series star Tom Welling will be directing the 150th Smallville episode, 7.18 - Apocalypse.

Here's the mention:

Meanwhile, the May 1 outing, Smallville’s 150th and directed by Welling, brings a “final showdown” with James Marsters’ Brainiac.

Source: Devoted To Smallville

You can read more here including spoilers for the rest of upcoming episodes in April/May, from episodes 16-20.

In addition to this episode, this will be the 3rd time Tom Welling directed a Smallville episode. The previous 2 episodes he directed were, Fragile (Season 5, his directorial debut), and Hydro (Season 6).

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