Monday, March 3, 2008

JLA Movie Update: A Film’s Superheroes Face Threat of Strike

From New York Times:

LOS ANGELES — Do five or so of the greatest superheroes in the universe have the power to make a movie these days? Warner Brothers is struggling to find out.

In a Hollywood upended by labor strife — writers just ended one walkout, while actors are rumbling about another — the studio has been trying to begin production on a film based on the long-running DC Comics series “Justice League of America.”

The series unites Superman and Batman with Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and other extraordinary beings. Thematically, it shares an impulse with “The Three Musketeers”: one for all, all for one, their combined attributes stronger than any one superhero’s.

But nothing has been easy in a season when the usual difficulties of a globe-spanning, effects-laden production with a budget that could approach $200 million have become tangled in uncertainty over pending negotiations with the Screen Actors Guild.

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