Tuesday, March 4, 2008

'Desperate Housewives' secrets for the season revealed

According to Monsters & Critics, the "Desperate Housewives'" cast returned from the writer’s strike hiatus and spoke to Extra reporter Tanika Ray.

The show’s stars including Eva Longoria Parker, Teri Hatcher and Dana Delany and the ladies dished some revealing Housewives secrets.

Longoria-Parker hinted that her character, the never-single Gabby Solis, might walk down the aisle once again.

She revealed, “There could be a possible wedding…I have to stop being interviewed by you guys. I give everything away and then I get in trouble.”

One thing Longoria Parker wasn’t afraid to discuss was her weight gain over hiatus. She exclaimed, “Nothing would zip up [during her fittings.] Nothing would come over my hips.”

The additional pounds were the result of her guilty pleasure, Longoria Parker admitted, “I’m personally addicted to Rock of Love on VH1.”

As for what the viewers can expect when Desperate Housewives resumes on April 13th, Hatcher revealed, “I can tell you nothing. I have no idea where it’s going this season. I heard one rumor from Marc [Cherry, Executive Producer] that basically he thought he’d come up with an incredible cliffhanger that we all would feel personally scared.”

Hatcher says James Denton fans should not despair. Although his character is still in rehab, Hatcher confirmed her on-screen husband will be around.

The OC alum Chris Carmac is Wisteria Lane’s the new hunk and he’s causing a stir among the ladies.

Delany revealed, “I have a very fun thing happen…where there’s a young man. I get caught. Very handsome actor…I had no control over myself…and I turned beet red. I was hot flashing.”

Hatcher added, “I just walked into the read through at 7 o’clock in the morning with the rest of the cast and there’s this gorgeous guy…I hear somebody go, ‘That’s Susan’s nephew.’”

About her character, Delany believes, “Some people see her as very cold, bitchy but I see her as complicated and hurt. She’s been damaged. Misunderstood, definitely.”

Delany’s character isn’t the only one partaking in some May-December romance. Delany spoke candidly about the attention she gets from younger men off-screen.

She laughed, “Believe me, I’m not the one going after the boys. They’re coming to me. I’m usually saying to them, ‘Do you know how old I am?’ …I just want full disclosure. I don’t want any surprises.”

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