Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tom Welling 'American Teen' Party Photos at Sundance

American Teen's Facebook page for the movie has several new photos of Tom Welling (along with wife Jamie) partying with the cast of American Teen and other guests including actors Josh Hartnett and Nick Cannon.

As previously posted here, Tom Welling attended the American Teen premiere party at Sundance Film Festival last Monday, January 20, 2008.

Below are several photos of TW (including his wife Jamie) posing with the cast of AT from their own hosted party as well as Tom mingling with other guests ...

click images to view bigger:

Speaking of American Teen ...

The much-buzzed-about documentary American Teen was picked up for distribution by Paramount Vantage late Wednesday, meaning the intimate story about growing up and trying to figure out who to be will eventually play nationwide at the multiplex hangouts of the generation it depicts.

Read full article here.

Source: American Teen on Facebook | USA Today

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