Monday, December 17, 2007

Monroe's Pal Wants Bosworth or Johansson to Play Her on Screen

Hollywood - Marilyn Monroe's one-time best friend Jeanne Carmen wants Scarlett Johansson or Kate Bosworth to play her in a new biopic because mom-to-be Christina Aguelera is too focused on motherhood for the project.

Pop star Aguilera was set to make her big-screen debut in the story of the busty blonde pinup, but Carmen can't wait for her to have a child and get back into shape.

So she has revealed she wants either Johansson or Bosworth to take the role in the film, based on her son Brandon James' biography The Wild, Wild Life of Jeanne Carmen.

Carmen says, "Christina was interested in playing the part and is a born pinup girl at heart. She became pregnant, however, and the script is now in the hands of Scarlett Johansson's agent and Kate Bosworth's agent.

"Either one of these girls have the talent to pull it off."


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