Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Dean Cain!

Today (July 31st) is Lois &Clark's own Clark Kent/Superman Dean Cain's 48th birthday!

Happy Birthday Dean Cain!
Dean's recent, current, and many upcoming TV & Film Projects for 2014/2015 (via
Merry ExMas (filming) Jesse 2015
Deadly Sanctuary (post-production) Roy Hollingsworth 2015
Vendetta (post-production) Mason 2014
Mind's Eye (completed) Mark Willis 2014
A Belle for Christmas (completed) Glenn Barrows  2014
Holiday Miracle (completed) Sheriff Rick Langston
 2014A Horse for Summer (completed)  Kent Walsh
 2013-2014Hit the Floor (TV Series) Pete Davenport
Unguarded (2014) ... Pete Davenport
Playing Dirty (2014) ... Pete Davenport
Isolation (2014) ... Pete Davenport
Blow Out (2014) ... Pete Davenport
 2014Airplane vs Volcano Rick Pierce
 2014The Appearing Dr. Shaw
 2014God's Not Dead Mark
 2014At the Top of the Pyramid Jefferson Parker

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Anonymous said...

Dean's keep'in busy for sure, but I want to see Dean and Teri do a 2 hour ABC movie for Lois & Clark. These 2 can't put their Wonder twin rings together and get something done?

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