Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Erica Durance!

The lovely and beautiful Erica Durance, former Smallville's Lois Lane and currently Saving Hope's Dr. Alex Reid turns 36 years old today, June 21st. Tweet your birthday greetings/messages to Erica in her official twitter account here: @ED_Durance

In ED Brief news...

Season 2 of Erica's medical drama Saving Hope is coming to DVD on October 7th! Season 3 will return on Thursday nights on CTV in Canada. Meanwhile, Erica has a new Hallmark TV Movie, Wedding Planner Mystery (formerly titled Veiled Threats), which will premiere August 16th.

Wedding Planner Mystery stills featuring Erica Durance
(Source: Hallmark Channel | DTED)

What Culture has recently ranked the performances of all the actresses who played Lois Lane from TV to Film adaptations and Erica was ranked on top of the list as the Best Lois Lane!

Here’s the full list:
  • #1 Erica Durance (Smallville)
  • #2 Teri Hatcher (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman)
  • #3 Phyllis Coates (Adventures Of Superman – Season 1)
  • #4 Margot Kidder (Superman Film Series)
  • #5 Noel Neill (Adventures Of Superman – season 2-6)
  • #6 Amy Adams (Man of Steel)
  • #7 Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns)
Happy Birthday Erica Durance!

Erica Durance's current TV series for 2014 and upcoming films for 2014/2015 

Dr. Alex Reid
- Episode #3.1 (2014) ... Dr. Alex Reid
- Episode #3.9 (2014) ... Dr. Alex Reid
- Episode #3.8 (2014) ... Dr. Alex Reid
- Episode #3.7 (2014) ... Dr. Alex Reid
- Episode #3.6 (2014) ... Dr. Alex Reid

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