Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Box Office: Man of Steel soared at #1 with $125 Million 4-day total and set new June record!!!!

Yay, great and impressive US opening weekend debut for Man of Steel starring  (Clark Kent/Kal-El) &  (Lois Lane). Now playing in theaters near you! The film set new record for June! With an "A-" CinemaScore from general audience and a solid word-of-mouthMan of Steel, made an impressive estimated total of $113 $116.6 million weekend debut (not counting the $12 million it earned Thursday night, but it's added for its 4 day total to $125 $128.6 million!!!!). Impressive start for a Superman reboot and non-sequel film that got mixed reviews from film critics, but audiences loved (that's what counts and matter the most) and surpassed all expectations for its opening debut. Also, it's doing great and is #1 in some foreign countries with an estimated $71.6 $73.3 million total (thus far) overseas and worldwide total (so far) of $196.6  $201.9 million! So happy for MOS!

UPDATE: Actual Box Office result has been updated for Man of Steel on Box Office Mojo.

Man of Steel's 4 day Box Office #'s (with 4, 207 theater count):
Thursday - $12 million (Wal-Mart early screening)
Midnight - $9 million (iMax 2D and 3D, and regular 3D screenings)
Friday - $44 million
Saturday - $36.3 million
Sunday - $32.7 million $36.2 million
4-day Total - $125 $128.6 million

More according to Box Office Mojo:
'Man of Steel' Soars, Scores New June Record
by Ray Subers
Weekend Report: Man of Steel set a new record for a June opening with $116.6 million. Including Thursday grosses, the movie is already at $128.7 million total... FULL STORY

Here's this weekend's estimated box office result (final result will be updated this afternoon)...

1. Man of Steel$113,080,000$125
2. This Is The End$20,500,000$32.8
3. Now You See Me$10,320,000$80
4. Fast & Furious 6$9,400,000$219.5
5. The Purge$8,200,000$51.8
6. The Internship$7,000,000$30.9
7. Epic$6,000,000$95.4
8. Star Trek Into Darkness$5,660,000$210.4
9. After Earth$3,750,000$54.2
10. Iron Man 3$2,908,000$399.6

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