Friday, June 7, 2013

Just ONE more week to go until Man of Steel is showing in wide release in US Theaters!!!


Just ONE MORE WEEK! 7 Days!!!!!!!!
 photo moswm1_zps0a5987ff.gif

and One Friday...or rather 6 days and a Thursday to go until I finally see
Man of Steel in 3D in my local theater!!!!
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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm so ready to see Man of Steel starring  (Clark Kent/Kal-El) &

My excitement level just kept going up for this movie (It's been a long journey and a long time coming as I've been waiting for this Superman movie to be made since around 2008 or so when it was rumored there was going to be a sequel for Superman Returns, which at the time was tentatively titled this movie's title, but was scrapped and rebooted to this film instead and retain its title) can be describe by Henry's Superman smiling as he flies and Amy Adams' Giselle [from Enchanted] gifs used above ^, lol...

It's getting closer and closer....

Superman saaaaaaaaaavvvvvveeeeee meeee!
 photo mosng3_zps855a6e08.gif
 photo tumblr_mnqoq0N2ql1rei3gfo1_500_zps9064a72c.gif

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