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75 Years of CK/Superman: The Many Faces of Clark Kent/Superman (Updated)

[superman in almost all versions wp on top source: Tu cara me suena]

Here are the many faces of ....Clark Kent/Superman
through the years (1938 - 2013; then & now)!

Action Comics
#1, Superman's debut comic book, 
was released on April 18, 1938. [UPDATED 5/27/13]
Superman Comics (Action Comics 1938 - ?)

Clark Kent:

as Superman

Superman Serial (film; 1948)
Kirk Alyn as...

Clark Kent/Superman
Superman and the Mole-Men (Film; 1950)

George Reeves...

The Adventures of Superman (TV; 1952 - 1958)

George Reeves as...
Clark Kent/Superman:

Superman Broadway (1966)

Bob Holiday as...


Superman Movies
(Films: S:TM, SII, SIII, SIV; 1978 - 1987)

Christopher Reeve as...
Clark Kent:

as Superman ...
Superboy (TV; 1988 - 1992):

John Hymes Newton as...

Clark Kent:

John Haymes-Newton as...


and Gerard Christopher as...

Clark Kent/Superboy

Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman (TV; 1993 - 1997)

Dean Cain as...
Clark Kent:
as Superman:

Superman: The Animated Series (1996 - 2000)

Tim Daly (voice) as...

Clark Kent:

and Superman:

Smallville (TV; 2001 - 2011)

Tom Welling as...
Young Clark Kent:

as Kal/Kal-El...

as Superman

Superman Returns (Film; 2006):

Brandon Routh as...
Clark Kent:

as Superman ...

Man of Steel (film; 2013)

Henry Cavill as...
Clark Kent:

Henry Cavill as Superman

and here's the many faces of Superman from the 2006 documentary DVD ...

Plus from Movie Magic ...

And more Clark/Superman wallpapers from Superman: Then & Now site.

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