Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Lois Lane!

Today, August 17th is traditionally recognized as Lois Lane's birthday!

Three days later on Monday, it'll be another Lois Lane's birthday, the new actress who will be playing the iconic LL is the three-time Oscar Nominee 's (Lois Lane of the upcoming Man of Steel (In theaters June 14, 2013) film) birthday (August 20th).

For today, it's all about Miss LOIS LANE, the iconic and beloved Superman character (and Clark Kent/Superman's leading lady/true love as well as Daily Planet co-worker).

Happy Birthday Lois Lane!!

Check out the following...

Lois Lane in Superman Comics related articles 
(via Superman Homepage): 
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Lois Lane: Part 2
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Many Faces of Lois Lane images
Picspam: Lois Lane, my favorite character - Superman mythology
Lois Lane through the years
donning the red cape 
The Many Faces of Lois Lane

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