Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brandon Routh to star in 'Lancelot' film

According to BrandonRouth.comLANCELOT, Brandon Routh's next movie project is about a group of live-action role players (LARP) in New York City, has its own official Facebook page! Rounding out the cast are Madeline Zima (THE NANNY, CALIFORNICATION), Cary Elwes (THE PRINCESS BRIDE, ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS), and Christopher Lloyd (BACK TO THE FUTURE). 

Here's the synopsis:
Set in modern day New York, "Lancelot" follows a group of live action role players (LARP): ("Lord of the Rings"-like fantasy role players) called: "The Order of the Green Falcon." Dean, a hip, girl chasing, urbanite has his life turned upside down in Central Park one morning when he meets the "dreamy" knight, Isabel, an enthusiastic role player dressed up in medieval-inspired garb and engaged in a serious sword fight. Determined to make her his next conquest, Dean infiltrates the group but must tackle a series of offbeat challenges to prove his chivalry and valor to the skeptical Isabel.

This is no easy task as they are thwarted at every turn by Roger, Isabel's ex-boyfriend, who now poses as a villainous Robin Hood, traveling the park with his band of "Merry Men" and dedicated to overthrowing "The Order." In the battle of good versus evil, realities come crashing together.

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