Monday, May 2, 2011

Video: Teri Hatcher talks Desperate Housewives, Smallville, Lois & Clark, and Amy Adams

Teri Hatcher spoke with on Sunday (5/1) at a celebrity yard sale she hosted to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She talked about the recent episode and filming of season 7 finale of her current hit series, Desperate Housewives, the enduring story of Superman, her time on her former series, Lois & Clark, guest-starring on Smallville (as Ella Lane, Lois' late mom), and also talked about Amy Adams taking on the role of Lois Lane for the up-coming Man of Steel 2012 film.

Teri on Desperate Housewives:
"Susan is definitely dealing with some survivor guilt and I think that comes out with her obligation to a... Paul...and umm, we're heading to a great finale, where tomorrow is our last day of filming and umm, everyone...pretty much the entire cast is in the last episode like almost everyday. Off and on our show, we go weeks without seeing each other. Then, people will say, aren't you best friends? And I go, I haven't seen them in three weeks, you know, but this episode we've all been working basically everyday. So, everyone's around tomorrow for the big finale of shooting and umm, it's a good episode."

Teri on Lois & Clark:
"Lois & Clark...I would say, The fans of Lois & Clark are the most steadfast fans, like all over the world. I really still...get much as that... As big as Housewives is, I get so much umm, gratitude from Lois & Clark. People love that. And so, I think what it shows you just, Superman has manifested in so many movies in so many forms. And It's just...there's an endless desire for it. It's just a wonderful fantasy story. Umm, It's such a wonderful story. And I think anybody that gets a chance to tell that story in any medium should go for it, 'cause it's really, it's really charming and I'm so happy that I got to be a part of it ."
Teri on guest-starring on Smallville's Abandoned episode:
"I was really excited to be on Smallville. I'd never been on it. They asked me sort of on a whim, they didn't think I would do it and I was like 'of course I'll do it!'" Teri also talked about the wig she wore for the scene, which was similar to her hairstyle from Lois & Clark. "I loved getting that hairstyle back. Even for a day." 
Teri on the recent casting of as Lois Lane in new Superman film, Man of Steel:
"Well, she is a phenomenal actress, I mean really, right? And has such a large range. I think she'll be amazing, I think she'll be perfect."
Teri is now the third and one of the previous Lois Lane actresses who was asked and or commented about Amy's LL casting...

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