Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smallville Casting News: Teri Hatcher to play Lois Lane's mother!!!

EW's "Ausiello Files" reports that former Lois Lane (from the popular 90s ABC series Lois & Clark), Teri Hatcher has been cast in the role of Lois Lane's mother for the 10th and final season of "Smallville".
For the show's 10th and final season, producers have scored perhaps their biggest (maybe even the biggest possible) casting coup: They've snagged erstwhile Lois Lane Teri Hatcher to play mom to Erica Durance's Lois Lane!

As you know, Hatcher spent four years playing Superman’s soul mate on ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
The fact that the Desperate Housewives star was game to do this speaks volumes about her appreciation for that role (and the role it played in her future career). I’m sure they’re also paying her well, too.
Hatcher will play the role of Ella Lane, Lois' deceased mother, who left behind videotape messages for her daughter, which Lois will find during the 8th episode of Season 10 titled "Abandoned".
Updated 9/26/10

Teri Hatcher posted this messages on her official Facebook page: 
Teri Hatcher: Thank you to all the Lois and Clark fans who support my Cameo on Smallville (a six year old Lois Lane's mom). It's in honor of that undying support and well, just a little homage to what was and is an important part of my career and life. To that end, here's some old clippings my mom has kept around her house. Thought you might enjoy. (See them here: Lois and Clark)
Yes, I will be doing a cameo on Smallville this season. I'm excited to honor the fans and this timeless tale.
And according to Kryptonsite:
What is your reaction to learning that Teri Hatcher
would be playing your mom in "Abandoned?"

When I found out Teri Hatcher was playing my mom, I burst into tears in the middle of a very comedic scene. They said "get yourself together." I had my fan moment. I'm just so grateful that she's willing to be a part of it.
Yay, finally!!! Awesome news! I've been waiting for Teri to guest star/appear in Smallville after Dean Cain did in Season 8. As a big Teri Hatcher/Lois Lane fan...this is one of the BEST and super Smallville casting news EVER (well...of course, after the late Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, and Teri's former L&C co-star, Dean Cain to name a few Superman related actors who had appeared in Smallville in the past seasons)! Can't wait to see this episode (or its episode stills) already! My two favorite Lois Lanes (Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance) too in the same episode!!! Ahh, I'm in Lois Lane heaven! lol...

This video summed up my reaction of the BEST SV News that Teri is coming to Smallville...haha!!! :D

(source: ImraArdeen1)
Speaking of Lois Lane actresses playing Lois Lane's's very interesting to note here that in the past, two other Lois Lane actresses crossed over before such as Noel Neill (played Margot Kidder's Lois' mom in Superman: The Movie...she was Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman series, who appeared in S:TM, Superboy series, and Superman Returns), Phyllis Coates (played Teri Hatcher's Lois' mom Ellen Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in the first season cliffhanger episode, "The House of Luthor" [episode # 21 of season 1]). She was Lois Lane in the first season of The Adventures of Superman, before Noel Neill took over the famous Lois Lane role. She also starred in Superman and the Mole Men movie before it became a television series), and now Teri will be playing to Lois' mom Ella Lane to Erica's Lois in the upcoming Smallville's 10th and final season!

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