Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smallville Season 9 dvd and blu-ray official package artwork

From DVD Active...

Title: Smallville (IMDb)
Starring: Tom Welling
Released: 7th September 2010
SRP: $59.98 (DVD)

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has announced 6-disc DVD ($59.98) and 4-disc Blu-ray ($69.97) releases of Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season for the 7th September. Extras will include Cast/Creator Commentaries on 2 episodes, unaired scenes, and featurettes ("Kneel Before Zod", "Justice for All").

Here are the official artwork package below...
 [source: DVD Active]

Great planet, Earth is. So great that other survivors of Planet Krypton wouldn’t mind making it home and taking control. But fellow Kryptonian Clark Kent has a warning for Zod and his followers who cross the line, especially if they seek to enlist Lois Lane in their schemes: I will destroy you all! Hearts grow fonder (Clark & Lois) and dangers grow stronger (Clark vs. warriors of Zod) in this 21-Episode Season 9 Collection. Plus, unexpected characters from DC Comics lore add exciting new layers to the adventures of the man who will become Superman. Among them: the shape-shifting Wonder Twins, magical Zantanna, and Justice Society of America’s Dr. Fate, Hawkman and Stargirl. May justice prevail – and Earth survive!

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