Monday, January 18, 2010

On TV Tonight: Watch Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw on 'Chuck'

Brandon Routh debuts his recurring character secret spy agent Daniel Shaw's first appearance on tonight's NBC series, Chuck. Brandon will appear in 8 episodes, starting with one tonight (Chuck's 4th episode of Season 3).

Here's official episode description:

Chuck becomes Captain Awesome's handler in order to save him from the Ring.
When evil operative Sydney Price (Angie Harmon) mistakes Awesome for being a master spy, Chuck responds by serving as Awesome's handler and tutoring him in the fine art of spying. While on a mission, they encounter an enigmatic man (Brandon Routh). Meanwhile, a promoted Morgan becomes assistant manager, but that means he has to deal with Jeff and Lester's tomfoolery.
Watch the promo trailer (part 1) for tonight's episode featuring a guest star appearance by Brandon Routh...

Episode 3.04, “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome

[source: prohorska2

Also, Brandon was featured in the latest TV Guide Magazine (with Keifer Sutherland of 24 on the cover). I've scanned and uploaded it below.

Check it out! (click on the image to enlarge!)

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