Saturday, November 28, 2009

On TV Tonight! Watch Erica Durance in Syfy's Beyond Sherwood Forest

Having a Smallville or Lois Lane withdrawal (because Smallville is on a holiday hiatus and won't return till mid January 2010)? Well, worry not especially if you live in the U.S. and have a cable channel.

Syfy Network (here in the U.S.) premieres Erica Durance's new made for TV movie version of Robin Hood with a new title, Beyond Sherwood Forest (previously titled: Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood) tonight at 9 PM/8C.

Watch the trailer for Beyond Sherwood Forest below

[source: brainstm]


A reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale merges the elements of magic and medieval romance. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Juilian Sands) has targeted Robin (Robin Dunne) and his band of heroes dwelling within Sherwood Forest. To destroy his enemies, the Sheriff unleashes an unstoppable creature that transforms at night into Alina, a striking woman. Robin must find a cure for Alina before her terror spreads, all the while keeping his childhood love Maid Marion (Erica Durance) out of harm's way.
Chicago Now interviewed Robin Dunne who plays title character Robin Hood in Beyond Sherwood Forest...he mentions Erica, of course, there are a couple stills from the movie too featuring ED...

Here's part of his interview (with the ED mentions):

Robin Dunne meets Robin Hood in Beyond Sherwood Forest

Did you enjoy working with Erica Durance?

She's just so lovely and fun to work with. The only problem working with Erica is that we were just having so much fun that there were a lot of scenes that we just couldn't get through without giggling and laughing. That's always a great way to work. She's serious. When she comes to set she really brings the goods. But she's also a lot of fun to be around. It was a blast. It was a lot of fun.

Usually Robin Hood has to save Maid Marian, but that isn't the case here. Like Erica's Lois on "Smallville," Marian takes care of herself.
She's totally cool and able to take care of herself. I would not worry about Erica for one second. It's just too bad she's so unattractive. But other than that ... Of course I'm kidding.

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Here are the two airings schedule for BSF:

Saturday, November 28, 2009 @ 9pm EST on Syfy
Sunday, November 29, 2009 @ 1am EST on Syfy

Check your local TV listing for times in your area.

Speaking of this movie...

The DVD For Beyond Sherwood Forest will be hitting stores February 23, 2010, and its special features will include a behind-the-scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer. Pre-order your DVD copy here!

Here's the larger dvd cover artwork...

[click image to enlarge!] 

[source: Dread Central]

Read more BSF dvd info here.

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