Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smallville Episode 9.06 - Crossfire stills

The CW has released episode stills from 9.06 "Crossfire" with Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Allison Mack.

"Crossfire" airs Friday October 30th on The CW.

Smallville - Season 9 - Episode 9.06 - Crossfire stills

Check out Devoted To Smallville's
9.06 "Crossfire" Episode Stills Gallery
(for a few Clois spoilerish related images)

[source: Devoted To Smallville | The CW/Warner Bros. Network]

Also, speaking of Smallville...

"Smallville" Season 10 Likely Despite Season 9 Ratings

TV Guide Magazine has their own "Ask Matt" column, where Matt Roush answers fan questions on their favorite TV shows. The latest column has Matt answering a fan's question regarding The CW's decision to move "Smallville" to its current Friday night slot.
Question: I was wondering what you thought of the CW's decision to move Smallville to Friday nights and what that might mean for the show. Smallville has always been one of the network's top performers, and though it is in its ninth season, I can't believe the CW thought it would be a good idea to move it to the Friday night death slot and pair it with reruns of Top Model, no less. I thought Smallville and Supernatural made a terrific (and successful) pair on Thursday nights, and ever since the move, both shows have lost a big chunk of their viewers. I very much enjoyed the eighth season of Smallville and the ninth season has impressed me thus far. I was really hoping for a 10th. What do you think the chances of that are at this point?Matt Roush: According to my in-house expert who knows this show much better than I do, you shouldn't count out a 10th season, regardless of the Friday numbers. The CW doesn't expect much from any show airing on that night, and moving Smallville (which is still a valuable property in international sales and DVDs, etc.) was more about the network looking to its own future. The goal was not to punish Smallville, which holds its own wherever it airs, but to launch a new genre franchise in The Vampire Diaries, which has been (by CW standards) a major success story on Thursdays. There's no question Smallville is closer to the end of its run than the beginning, but by all accounts, no one's projecting an end date yet this season.
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