Friday, January 16, 2009

Movie Casting News: Erica Durance to star as 'Maid Marian' in a Robin Hood movie

Erica Durance was previously reported to have been filming a movie last Fall (other than Final Verdict, of course) and now, we know what that other movie she was working on as it's recently been added and listed in her imdb's filmography section. Erica is set to star as Maid Marian in another made for tv movie: Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood.

Plot Description:

A reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale merges the elements of magic and medieval romance. The Sheriff of Nottingham has targeted Robin and his band of heroes dwelling within Sherwood Forest. To destroy his enemies, the Sheriff unleashes an unstoppable creature that transforms at night into Alina, a striking woman. Robin must find a cure for Alina before her terror spreads, all the while keeping his childhood love Maid Marion out of harm's way.

The production company behind the film is Front Street Pictures, whose recent film “The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon” starring Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills, 90210, Charmed) and Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) had a very successful run on the SCI-FI Channel right before Christmas.

Speaking of Erica's movies...

Final Verdict Update!

Lifetime Movie Network will air Erica's other tv movie Final Verdict starting February 9th, 2009.

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