Friday, January 2, 2009

BuddyTV Poll: Vote for Smallville's Clark & Lois as 'Best Relationship of 2008' is doing a poll for ...

and our favorite TV "ship" (couple): Lois & Clark (Smallville) is one of the 20 on their list of ships/couples for fans/BuddyTV users to choose from or vote for, for the Best Relationship of 2008.

Click here to vote for Clark & Lois (Smallville). Currently, Clois have over 1890 votes (and is #6 on their leaderboard results). So, SV/Clois fans, show your love and support for Clois and vote for them to win the best ship of '08.

Thanks a lot to Kim Wetter, (BuddyTV Staff Columnist) over at for the heads up.

***Update 1/4/08***

Currently (as of this posting...), Clois has over 3225 votes (and moves up to #4). Thanks to all of you who voted. Keep voting everyone!

Also...there's another Showdown Poll @ BuddyTV!

Vote for Clois for Best Smallville Couple! (Clois is currently @ #1! Keep Voting!)

***Update 1/6/08***

As of this posting, Clois has now over 4516 votes (and moves up as spot to #3...getting closer to #2). Thanks to everyone who have been voting. Keep voting everyone! We're getting closer to the top spot!

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