Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Smallville Tonight: Episode 8.09 - Abyss

New Smallville Episode! It's Thursday and we're now on 9th episode! Be sure to catch tonight's new Episode 8.09 - Abyss, which airs @ 8 PM ET/7 PM PT on the CW Network.

No Lois Lane tonight, unfortunately, but she'll be back in next week's episode!

The CW's Official Description for "Abyss" ...

BRAINIAC ERASES CHLOE'S MEMORY - Brainiac begins removing Chloe's (Allison Mack) memories one by one until the only person she remembers is Davis (Sam Witwer). Clark realizes the only way to stop Brainiac from taking over Chloe's mind is to rebuild the Fortress and ask Jor-El to heal her.

"Abyss" was writted by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson and was directed by Kevin Fair.

TV Guide has the following description for this same episode...

Brainiac slowly takes over Chloe's mind until the only person she remembers is Davis. In an effort to save her, Clark rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude in order to seek help from Jor-El.

Episode 8.09 - Abyss - Stills

View more Abyss stills here.

Watch the trailer for Abyss below:

And watch the Director's Cut below:

More about this episode here (registration required. you must be an fd2c forum
member to view and post at the following ...) » Spoilers , and S8 Discussion Forum (Viewable) for our usual LIVE episode discussions.

L&K News Note: If you missed this episode and the previous 5 episodes, you can now watch full episodes in our Season 8 Episodes Forum. My friend Carrie (aka ScoopGirl), one of the admins @ fd2c forum uploads the Smallville S8 episodes and have them up on their episode sub-forums on Fridays. You can also view SV's full episodes @ The CW network.

In case you missed the first 5 Smallville/Clois Episode related Season 8 episodes (the last 3, which were episodes 6-8 will be added soon)...

Watch all 5 full episodes (commercial-free) in the following links:

(credit and thanks to my friend Carrie for all the episode uploads...)

- Episode 8.01 - Odyssey
- Episode 8.02 - Plastique
- Episode 8.03 - Toxic
- Episode 8.04 - Instinct
- Episode 8.05 - Committed

smallvilletalk (Abyss trailer) | MacGyverIta (Abyss Director's Cut) Superman Homepage (Abyss Episode Stills)

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