Thursday, November 6, 2008

Five Reasons Why 'Smallville' is Better Than 'Heroes'

Here's an interesting article from (which I agree on for the most part on their current seasons as I've been watching both shows on Mondays and Thursdays. Though, in my opinion, I think it's unfair to compare them, as SV has been on for 8 seasons while Heroes has only been on for 3... and they're completely different shows in terms of storytelling and how their characters appeal to many different viewers around the world...) about why The CW's Smallville series is (currently) better than NBC's Heroes series.

While Heroes has suffered both creatively and ratings-wise during its latest season, another show about super-powered individuals has thrived. Even with new cast members and four new showrunners behind the scenes, Smallville is generating great ratings and tons of buzz. The show has pleased many fans by moving the action to Metropolis, which has allowed the writers to focus more on Clark's evolution into Superman. The action-packed series has become a perfect example of how to bring complicated comic book storytelling to television.

With NBC recently firing two Heroes producers in a desperate attempt to get the show back on track, it's obvious the series needs help. In an effort to help the network revitalize their struggling series, came up with a list of five things Smallville delivers that Heroes fails at.

1. It Actually Makes Sense
2. It Delivers the Action
3. It Offers Plenty of Romantic Drama
4. It's Not Overflowing with Characters
5. It Evolves

Read the reasons from the list above and the complete article @

Speaking of Jeph Loeb (former Smallville co-exec producer), the now ex-Heroes co-exec producer/writer, Greg Beeman is the only other former SV producer that is currently still in the Heroes' crew. Hope he stays and doesn't get the boot. His Beeming Beeman Blog about Heroes is awesome as he weekly blogs about new Season 3 Heroes episodes (as well as from the past 2 seasons) and post lots of behind the scenes photos and info. of the cast and crew from the show.

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