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Smallville: Plastique Episode Review

My friend Kiki (over at DTED, she's also a member here @ fd2c forum) has given me permission to post here, her review write-up for Smallville's Season 8 episodes. Here's part of her "plastique" episode review:

"Plastique" Review
by Kiki

Smallville is back once again with a fresh new episode. Following the end scene from Odyssey, Plastique started with Clark entering his way into his new journey as one of the reporters at the Daily Planet, and his ever-so-bossy friend, Lois Lane stepped up and appointed herself as her "mentor".

This is really odd but I found this episode absolutely perfect. There weren't many scenes that would captivate me when it doesn't concern Lois or Clark. However, with this episode, there wasn't one scene that I'm not satisfied with. With that said, naturally, there aren't going to be any bad point from me in this review. I’m just so excited with this episode and I apologized for my un-professional write-up.

Erica Durance: Erica’s performance was extraordinary in this episode, as always. I’m so glad that she finally got more screen-time as she rightfully deserved. Her portrayal of this character was one of the best things that could have ever happened in Smallville; I just can’t really picture other actress filling Lois Lane’s shoe in Smallville other than Erica, and I can’t really picture not having her at all in the show. I have to say that I still couldn’t get over the fact that she has darker hair now, and it really suited her well. Her wardrobe looked absolutely gorgeous on her, and it showcases her professionalism as a journalist.

Lois Lane: We’re finally blessed with more Lois at the Daily Planet scenes. I love how she automatically appointed herself as Clark’s mentor; she was so full of herself and straight-forward (a bit rude) about everything. It’s just perfect! There’s one scene where she took her colleague’s wardrobe for Clark to wear; it was one of the funniest thing and her quick wit was absolutely -- Lois Lane. I love how each scenes she’s involved with turned out to be so hilarious. There were a lot of time where she ought to be embarrassed about something but her way of hiding it and pretend it didn’t happen was really amusing, and I reckon she will be doing that throughout the whole season. I loved the change in the music background when she made her funny remark – the comedic music added the comical aspect in that very scene.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent: It seemed like every Lois scene turned out to be Clois scenes, and they were all very well-written. The fact that Lois was there when Clark first came into the Daily Planet building somewhat reminded me of Margot-Christopher’s Clois in The Superman Movie. Her remark about Clark’s wardrobe malfunction was absolutely right on spot. When I first saw Clark in that plaid and his backpack, I was like “Hey Clark, are you going back to school?” Of course, the much anticipated Lois bossiness was absolutely hilarious and fun to watch. Clark seemed to develop some more sense of humor when Lois was around. I found it adorable when Lois fixed Clark’s collar (It also kinda reminded me of Lois and Papa Kent), and I can’t say I didn’t find the bumping amusing. The Cloiser in me suddenly went “oh oh, she had her hands on his broad chest, and his huge hands found themselves around Lois’s petite waist”. I know it wasn’t petite, but compared to Clark’s, it was. I’m also pleased to see her punching him again. It’s like season 4 all over again. This was the second time we get to see Lois and Clark ended their scene with a little heart-to-heart talk. I’m so pleased that Lois thanked Clark for helping her with the article (and of course, Lois refusing to share by-line was so classic!). It seemed to me that Clark and Lois shared a new level of friendship.

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