Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smallville: Odyssey Reviews and Season Premiere Ratings

Read an "Odyssey" Reviews from:
- The Huffington Post: Why "Smallville" is still Super.
- ComicMix: Holy Formula Overhaul, Superman!
- Sci-fi Weekly's Smallville Season 8 Premiere Review
- IGN: Odyssey Review
- Kiki's Fortress: 'Odyssey' Review

(Plus a's Smallville: Season 8 Premiere "Odyssey" Recap

Season (8) Premiere Ratings for Smallville

4.38 Million (in millions of viewers!)

According to Kryptonsite, things are still down from last year's
5 million viewer season premiere, but are still impressive considering the lack of on-air promotion and the fact that some very popular actors from previous seasons are no longer on the show.

#7 - Smallville - The CW - 4.38 Million*

*overnight-ratings breakdown (source: Mediaweek)

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