Wednesday, September 24, 2008

James Marsden talks ‘Superman Returns’ on MTV interview interviewed James Marsden (Richard White on Superman Returns) when he was promoting his latest film, Sex Drive and asked him why he thinks Warner Bros. have decided to "reintroduce" Superman on film instead of continue with a sequel to "Superman Returns."

Here's an excerpt from his interview...

    "Honestly, my theory is that the white bread element of Superman or the virtuous element of Superman wasn't that exciting to young people, the videogame generation. You've got to have some edgy, kick-ass dark side to the character to make people want to be him," Marsden said. "There was something old school, virtuous - which I actually loved - and white bread about Superman that didn't resonate so much. I loved the movie that Brian made. But maybe I'm the anomaly and I don't represent what young fans want to see."

    In the end, Marsden doesn't think that Warner's decision to go darker is a good one - but a necessary one, he said.

    "[Audiences] want to see darkness and Superman doesn't represent that. I like that about him, but honestly that's the reason why," Marsden continued. "Look at 'The Dark Knight' and Christian Bale. He's the hero but there's a kick-ass darkness to him. Or Wolverine and 'X-Men.' Superman was virtuous and the reluctant superhero. He never told a lie. He eats apple pie. I don't know if that's something the young kids want to aspire to. It's kind of sad to me."

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