Friday, August 15, 2008

More BTS Photos: Dean Cain in Subject: I Love You

More behind the scenes photos of Dean Cain and co-stars from one of his upcoming films, Subject: I Love You has surfaced online.

The movie, titled “Subject: I Love You,” stars Dean Cain, Filipino actor, Jericho Rosales, Briana Evigan (“Step Up 2: The Streets”) and Filipino-American Dante Basco (“Take the Lead,” “Hook”).

The film is about the controversial “I Love You” computer virus that gripped the modern world in terror in the year 2000.

Check out several S:ILY BTS photos
with Dean, co-stars, and crew below:

[click each image to enlarge!]

[credit & thanks: zhane of L&CMB - Dean Cain Forum]

Check out the following links for more S:ILY BTS/On Set
photos and info below:
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Plus I found teaser clips of Dean Cain with co-star Briana Evigan from Jasmin Kuhn's official site, a cinematographer for Subject: I Love You film, which is slated for release in 2009.

Watch the lil' teaser clips here (there are several clips of S:ILY featured in the video including a few with Dean Cain towards the very dialogue from the movie just background music though...still, check it out! Dean looks super handsome in those few clips!)

Also, check out Jasmine Kuhn's Blog about her filming S:ILY experience in the Philippines with BTS photos.

One of the BTS photos, see it to your left here, features Dean (of course), photographed and standing super tall at the back with his young co-stars Dante Basco, Briana Evigan, and Jericho Rosales.

Updated 9/9/08:

Here's another S:ILY photo of Dean Cain and co-star Briana Evigan...

Speaking of Dean Cain and movies, he has 2 new rumored films listed on his imdb listing page. These aren't confirmed films, but I thought I'd post them here just as a rumored films he might be a part of. Check out the rumored films and links below!

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