Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Look: InStyle loves Kate Bosworth 24/7

Kate Bosworth is featured in a very nice 2-pages spread (with 3 pictures each in pages 76-77) in the current InStyle Magazine (August 2008 issue with R&B singer Rihanna on the cover), which is out on magazine stands now.

Check out the transcript below from the magazine along with all 6 KB pics next to their descriptions/text or view the magazine image scans. I've scanned both pages below from my copy (and subscription) of InStyle Magazine.

The Look

We're Loving...Kate Bosworth 24/7

click each image to enlarge!

There are lots of reasons why she has been the go-to girl for both Superman and Calvin Klein Jeans. Looking spirited by day and elegant at night are two of them.

A.M. Style
* Comfort and ease trump body consciousness in her fashion universe. "Kate has great American style," says Francisco Costa, creative director for Calvin Klein Collection. "She's versatile and sporty, yet classic."
* What's key about leggings is how they let you play with length and proportion, which Kate does so well.
* Jewelry is no big deal.

In-Flight Move - The actress is ready to jet away in a Chloe smock dress and leggings. (Left: Pic of Kate in purple dress in airport terminal)

In Blossom Dolce & Gabbana's floral blouson is artful yet effortlessly chic (Right: see pic of Kate in flower printed dress)

On the Dot - This 25-year-old is wise beyond her fashion years in a Chloe dress and a Twenty & Twelve tailored jacket (Left: see pic of Kate in the all black ensemble with tights and spikes)

There are two red circles with the following print:

Day Beauty - Flowing hair, pale pink lips and glowing skin have a natural appeal.
Cool Contrast - A glam outfit (sexy dress, patent pumps) is an unexpected choice for day with a nipped jacket

P.M. Style
* Forgo the grand flourish. At night, it's obviously about beautiful simplicity.
* There may be a gather here or a tuck there, but Kate's preferred look is a silhouette with a strong neckline and ease in its fit.
* Shoulders are always a safe yet compelling way to reveal a little skin. And when you're young, a smartly short dress looks so much fresher than a long one.
* Jewelry is still no big deal.

Tucked In - This intricately wrapped and embossed dress by Proenza Schouler still comes off as uncomplicated. (Left: see pic of Kate in the cinnamon complicated PS dress)

Tied for First - One sleek, simple necklace is just right for a Calvin Klein Collection LBD. (Right: see pic of Kate in a short, strapless little black dress)

Perfection - She redefines sex appeal in this graceful one-shoulder dress from Jil Sander. (Left: see pic of Kate in the white dress taken from the 11th Hour premiere)

Two red circles:

Night Beauty - Hair smoothly pulled back, smoky eyes, coral lips and glowing skin.
Black Pumps Rule - Unless she opts for heeled sandals, classic pointed black pumps ground each outfit.

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