Friday, July 25, 2008

Desperate Housewives leaving Wisteria Lane after 3 more years

E! Online (and every other media) reports that...

Wisteria Lane will be no more—after three more seasons.

That’s the word out of the Desperate Housewives panel at ABC’s press tour for TV critics, which included creator Marc Cherry, executive producer Bob Daily and all the women (Eva, Teri, Nicollette, Felicity, Marcia and, yes, even Dana Delany—who will be back for season five, boo-yah!).

“I’ve made the decision that after seven years I will probably keel over in a hump,” Cherry explained. “I love my baby, I love working with these gals, but the idea of letting anyone else take the show from me kind of makes me sad and sick to my stomach...I’m going to take it for seven years, and we’re going to get out while people still like us.”

To hear the cast's reactions about the show's future—and to find out the real reason for Eva's recent frumpy appearance—check out Watch With Kristin.

Also, in other DH related news...

Teri Hatcher: Housewives are not too old!

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has blasted critics who claim she and her fellow cast mates are too old for the hit show.

Hatcher, who turns 44 in December, and is currently filming the fifth season of the comedy-drama, insists there is nothing to stop her and the other senior women of Wisteria Lane carrying on their sexy antics for years to come.

She says, "I don't feel I look that different to when I started on the show.

"I don't think I'm any different but maybe I'm kidding myself. The thing is that there is nothing definite to say how old each of the characters is.

"People just know how old the actresses are and I think these opinions are drawn from that - unfairly in my opinion."

The fifth season of the hit ABC show will begin airing on
September 28, 2008, if the Screen Actors' strike doesn't start first.

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