Sunday, June 29, 2008

Erica Durance confirmed to star in Sleeping With The Lion

As previously posted here, Erica Durance has been in talks for months to star in the upcoming Prodigy Entertaiment thriller film, Sleeping With The Lion (2009).

Here's an update:

Great news! Erica is now officially listed and confirmed to star in Sleeping With The Lion. She will play the role of Dr. Chandler Vick.

Also, according to IMDB listing for Sleeping With The Lion, a release date for this film is listed for October 25, 2009 (though this date might be subject to change). In addition, filming locations are listed to be in the following:

Bay Area, San Francisco, California, USA
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA

Special thanks to my friend Kiki for the tip.

In other ED news (if you missed it), just recently, Erica wrapped up filming her other film project (for TV), Final Verdict.

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