Saturday, May 24, 2008

On TV Tonight: Dean Cain's Final Approach Premieres on Hallmark

Watch Dean Cain tonight on a 3-hour Hallmark original movie event, Final Approach.

Final Approach premieres at 8 PM/7 CT on Hallmark. Dean Cain (Lois & Clark) leads an all-star cast which includes Anthony Michael Hall (Dead Zone), Leah Thompson (Jane Doe), Ernie Hudson (Miss Congeniality), Richard Roundtree (Heroes), William Forsythe (The Rock) and Tracey Gold (Growing Pains).

Brief Synopsis:

FBI hostage rescue specialist Jack Bender’s unique skills are challenged when he finds himself aboard a domestic flight hijacked by a radical organization called the People’s Separatist Movement. One ground, Jack’s ex-wife, an FAA employee, discovers that the terrorists motives are tied to visions of nuclear grandeur, and there’s only way to stop them—by blowing the airliner out of the sky. Read more here.

More info. such as cast & crew, trailer, and photos can be viewed here.

US TV Schedule:
Sat, May 24, 8pm Eastern Time/5pm Pacific,
followed by Part 2 at 9:30pm Eastern
Sun, May 25, 1pm Eastern/11am Pacific,
followed by part 2 at 2:30pm Eastern

Also, more DC/Final Approach related stuff below...

Watch the following YouTube videos by clicking the links:
-Final Approach Trailer
-Final Approach: Inside The Story
-Interview with Dean Cain (Tell us about the cast)

Plus a new DC interview...follow the link below:

Catching up with the high-flying Dean Cain

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