Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Superman In 'Super' Mess

From Entertainment Weekly Magazine (April 11, 2008 issue with Ellen Degeneres on the cover):

Warner Bros. just got handed legal kryptonite. On March 26, a federal court ruled that the family of Jerry Siegel - who created Superman with Joe Shuster and sold the hero for $130 in 1938 - i entitled to a share of the character's copyright...and a chunk of the cash that Man of Steel has raked in recently.

Translation: Pending Appeal, Warner Bros. will have to surrender some profits from the CW's Smallville, now in seven 7, and from 2006's Superman Returns, which grossed $200 million domestically. (Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner, which also owns EW's publisher, issued a statement that "substantial issues...were ruled in our favor"; e.g., the studio keeps all international earnings.) The court also said Superman stays at Warner until at least 2013 - which means, says studio insider, that neither Justice League film nor a Returns sequel should be affected. As for the size of the check the Siegels will get? That's for a civil court to decide. And something tells us it won't be happening faster than a speeding bullet. - Adam B. Vary (for EW magazine)

See a scan below (I've scanned) of the same article (which I've transcribed above ^):

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