Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Star Sighting: Teri Hatcher & Daughter On American Idol Last Night

If you watch American Idol (like I do, lol) last night, you may or may not have noticed that Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson Rose were in the audience (sitting in the front row next to contestant David Cook's ailing brother Adam who was reported to have a brain cancer).

They were also sitting behind AI judge Randy Jackson. So every time you see Randy, you'll see Teri and Emerson in the background) watching the LIVE show performances of the Top 7 AI contestants performing Mariah Carey Songs.

How cool that Teri and her daughter were there to see AI show.

Anyway, the theme last night (4/15) was Mariah Carey Songs. I'm a huge MC fan, so it was nice to see one of my favorite Lois Lane actresses watching the show on the night she was mentoring the top 7 remaining contestants.

American Idol's Top 7 with Mariah Carey

Watch the Top 7 Performances below with Teri & Emerson watching and cheering with the studio audience:

David Archuleta - “When You Believe” (Watch here)

Carly Smithson - “Without You” (Watch here)

Syesha Mercado - “Vanishing” (Watch here)

Brooke White - “Hero” ( Watch here)

Kristy Lee Cook - “Forever” (Watch here)

David Cook - “Always Be My Baby” (Watch here)

Jason Castro - “I Don’t Want to Cry” (Watch here)

Also, here are a few article mentions of Teri and her daughter:

"Celebrities were there! Ring up Teri Hatcher, Minnie Driver, and -- I think -- former Head of the Class star Dan Schneider, better known to this demographic as the producer of Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh. I was also somewhat dismayed to see David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay in the crowd." []

VIP Section: During the taping, Minnie Driver and her friend were sitting right next to Teri Hatcher (with her daughter, Emerson)...There wasn't much interaction between the two TV starlets, but Emerson did ask Randy to pose for a photo, and Simon gave Minnie his highest form of an intimate greeting: the double air kiss." []

Getting the VIP treatment probably didn’t hurt. “They came in and asked if it was okay if they seated Teri Hatcher and Minnie Driver next to us,” Adam, 36, said Wednesday in the interview. “When Teri sat down, I didn’t even know who she was. She weighed all of 90 pounds. I expected her to be taller. But I’m not stupid. I figured it out. She’s a desperate housewife and hey, I’m a desperate house something." [ ]

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